Truth About Skin Care Natural Cosmetic Product

There is an increase in the use of skin care natural cosmetic product. They are becoming a major industry today and customers have to be able to keep themselves safe from false label information. The fact that the skin care natural product in question is in fact what it claims to be should be verified for the consumer to be sure that that it is in fact natural and safe.

Are you aware that in the United States any skin care natural cosmetic product that carries the claim of being natural is not required to submit itself to any testing to verify this fact before they put it on the package? It is possible to trace chemicals back to a natural source so they could be putting anything in the skin care natural product we then put on our faces. The craze over going natural has made it a very effective tool for marketing to put it on nearly every label we see today.

There is a difference in organic and skin care natural cosmetic product however. If they use the term organic then there are numerous testing criteria that must be met to put it on the labeling before it can be sold. Even if only a portion of the product is organic it must be proven that it was produced though pre-approved organic standards.

The Department of Agriculture of the U.S. is the one with the strictest regulations for those claiming to use organic materials. But what about the products that are labeled as natural? Well they often have the term natural because they do not have the financing to be certified as organic. Yes it takes money to get that government seal of approval for an organic product. With the skin care natural cosmetic product label instead of the organic in the end not only is the companies reputation at risk but the one purchasing it can be at risk as well.

If you were in a European country then the standards would be higher. Whether organic or natural material are used these companies are all held to high standards. Natural products in these countries are forbidden from animal testing.

There is progress being made with skin care natural cosmetic product certifications though. This progress is heading toward holding the companies producing these products responsible when they mislabel them. That is claiming to be either organic or natural when they have products in them that are in no way natural or organic. There have been recent attacks on companies that claim to be organic for using carcinogens in the products they produce.

In the United States each agency, industry and retailer is putting their own regulations into place making it nearly impossible to know what is in natural cosmetic products here. The Natural Products Association has put in to make regulations stricter for natural skin care products and hopefully with these stricter regulations we will soon see truly natural products on the shelves soon.

So next time you pick up a skin care natural cosmetic product makes sure to read the label. You want to know what you are putting on your face.